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We are a video production company built for the future.


Built with the future in mind.


We strive for environmental, and social change.

These Guys Trust Us

Peter Prestrud

Peter Prestrud, runs, owns and operates the company. Peter is an award winning filmmaker. Peter started making films when he was just nine years of age. In 2012 a new project came up and he lunched his film company Alarm Clock Films, that same year he started interning for KGB Productions. Since then Peter has been featured in NBC, Fox, and CBS articles for his achievements. His film The Revolution of Responsibility (2013) was screened at The National 4-H Film Festival, and won third in the documentary division. Learn more at his personal website:

What People Are Saying

"[They] come very highly recommended...and I see why!"

Bianca Klein

GYCC Coordinator


About Us

Alarm Clock Films® is a small cinematic production house with a global reach. We have diverse abilities ranging from cinematic corporate productions to music videos. The company aspires to provide services of the highest quality and has worked intimately with our clients to achieve their goals. We have implemented the industry’s latest technological standards including the ability to produce 4K UHD video content for digital outlets. In addition Alarm Clock Films utilizes digital distribution technologies that allow viewers to interact with our rich and vibrant video content.

"We are very proud of what they have done."

Dr. Devra Lee Davis

Founder and President


Alarm Clock Films® is a committed video production company dedicated to the creation of entertainment that inspires, compels and raising awareness of causes that make and inspire environmental, and social change. Alarm Clock Films combines the power of emotional and cinematic storytelling with the latest new and emerging technologies.

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